Thursday, June 16



It's go time, folks. My shop is up and running and we are celebrating the modest opening in a grand way by offering you a ten percent off coupon. Just enter the coupon code 'rockscissorspaper' when you checkout. I'm also offering free shipping during the grand opening week.

Here is the shop update schedule for the next month:

June 16th: Infant/Toddler Cloth Slippers (Suripa)
June 17th: Sundresses (Natsuko Line)
June 18th: Cloth Dolls (The Aki-chan)
June 20th: Pinafore Dresses (Arisu Line)
June 24th: Japanese Cut Fabric
June 30th: Jimbei (Midori Line)
July 4th: Sundresses (Yoko Line)
July 16th: General Update
July 20th: Lunch Kits (Obento)

I am really excited to launch the shop finally after so many minor and major delays. Thank you for all your support and encouragment. It meant/means a lot to me. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!


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