Wednesday, June 22

The Great Eight

party time
We celebrated Sebastian's birthday on Sunday. His birthday always provokes the most sentimentality in me, for it was he who made me a mother.
this is what 8 looks like
He's such a funny, witty, stubborn, cranky, creative, amazing, handsome, sensitive, sly, caring kid. With his crazy slew of presents (including but not limited to new silver shoes, a big kid bike, fossils, enough Legos to fill Biwako, and books to keep him reading until his next birthday) he is set for a great year. A big thank you to the grandparents, aunties, and great-aunties, by the way.
birthday kakigori
And in lieu of cake, we had kakigori (shaved ice) with red beans, dango mochi, green tea syrup, and condensed milk. Rather appropriate for a solstice birthday, ne?

Happy Birthday, Sebastian!


monk said...

beautiful photo's and words...Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Great B Day photos. Thanks, Nana