Monday, July 25

Soon. Very Soon.


Summer vacation is approaching for me and with it a chance to get my head together before my last semester in grad school. Mainly, I want to get the shop up and running a little more properly. I'll be adding stuff during the next week that have been in process for many weeks. Not because they are huge or complex but simply because my time has not be my own and when it has, I haven't had the energy to grab it and tame it. Two weeks is too short but it is what I have so I won't complain.

I'll try and make up for the crickets around here by posting double time for a bit. You know, when summer vacation actually starts. In a week. Until then, please find a nice shady spot, a glass of lemonade, and figure out what those clouds over your head look like.

Friday, July 15

Where Summer is Summer

heiwa park, nature trail
I felt quite at home,
As if it were mine sleeping lazily
In this house of fresh air.


Heiwa Park, Nagoya

Thursday, July 7

Make a Wish!

tanabata festival kindergarten

The planets and stars are aligned today so that your wishes can be granted. Happy Tanabata, ya'll.

Sunday, July 3

8 days, 8 days....

Eight days until the wonderful man delivers and installs our a/c. Eight whole days. Today we had to go to the park around 7 am to avoid the unrelenting heat of the day. How did we do it last year? No cooking, lots of iced drinks, fans and more fans, siesta, kiddie pool, showers and more showers, parasols and cold packs. Surviving summer in Nagoya is exhausting.
But summer in Japan? Definitely one of my favorite seasons. Festivals, fireworks, shaved ice, swimming, cold somen noodles, watermelon, sunflowers, cicadas, yep, definitely in the top four. Neck and neck with winter.

Hope you are all staying cool wherever you may be.