Sunday, October 9

日本ばれ-Nihonbare ((Fine Japan))

Japan is indeed fine these days. The weather is picture perfect and everyone (who I see at least) is smiling.


Jason attended his high school's sports day (undoukai-運動会) last week and really enjoyed seeing the students outside of the classroom. Of course, it was followed by a week of exams for the students but they seem fine with the trade-off.

Nico is getting ready for his first 運動会 next Saturday. This is his class practicing at the park, though Jason reports that Nico seemed to be practicing his own original dance rather than the one his classmates were doing. That is not due to a language barrier but just pure silliness. Nico is famous (or infamous) at his kindy for having, um, creative independence. He gets along great but he is definitely hearing a different drummer.


This is the season when the housework gets neglected for the more pressing matter of perfect temperatures and pristine skies. I am absolutely boring with my constant praise of the sky but if you could just see it, how the few clouds lay just right against a blue hue that is both light and deep, you would involuntarily tilt you head back to drink in the loveliness above you.

Or you could just dote on this lovely, who never ceases to make me swoon

Hope your days are fine (hare: ha-ray) wherever you may be.

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