Monday, November 28


I am still recovering from the flu so the week known as Thanksgiving Week for you American readers and known as Birthday Week to those living in this small apartment went by without much pomp and circumstance. We did celebrate, in a modest way. There were presents, though since the photographer was sleeping when they were opened, there is no paper ripping photos to share. You'll have to wait until Christmas. Nico's school had a bazar and that was a lot of fun, evidence of which you can see on Flickr. And Jason took the boys to the city zoo today (again, Flickr). So it wasn't a complete loss. And regardless of my position or consciousness, Nico is now FIVE...

And this girl is now TWO.

How they got themselves into this state is beyond me but they seem happy to keep doing it. And because both of them are so headstrong, I don't think even if I protested their rapid progress that they would heed my words. They'd be nice about it but once they become determined to do something, they care for nothing else.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Sagittarius babes.

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