Saturday, November 19

Falling into Fall

kaki = persimmon
favorite park activity
the boys

I just spent the last week in bed, thanks to influenza. Now I feel a desire to catch up with my life, to organize and clean, though I am still a little weak from the virus. None of the kids or Jason have succumbed to the illness, thankfully. Now just to tackle that tower of dishes in the sink and the dirty laundry that seems to be seeping from the walls. Rainy day and we are all a little cranky and feeling the boundaries of our walls. Tomorrow should be sunny and will my first day outside in almost a week. I must go find some fall colors before they are lost to the winter winds. Hope you all are well (better than me, at least ;) ). Take care.

Leaf Moth

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Nessa said...

Your blog is always a pleasant read. So nice to see pictures of the kids to watch them grow. I'm glad to know you're on the other side of the flu.