Saturday, November 5

We're still here...


We are just swamped with daily life plus side projects that we are attempting to inflate to the center. That may be cryptic but don't worry, all will be revealed soon. Good things, I think, very good things. Sweet lemonade from lemons.

We are fine though. In case you were wondering. Besides for a few skint knees and the cabin-fevered fighting that happens when it rains, no complaints.

Autumn is slowly creeping into Nagoya and I am actually looking forward to winter this year. It is the sounds that change, the quiet even in a city, how drips echo through the silent streets. This will be our sixth winter in Japan so for us Floridians, our sixth real winter. Appreciation for the season has grown in pace with my understanding of how to live well in the season. Luckily we are in Japan, the land of every available creature comfort known to humans.

Okay, off to work on my somewhat mysterious side projects. Over and out.


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kayla said...

it's a cold florida day today. a kotatsu would be so nice!