Sunday, January 22


The sun was shining and I had the camera but I never took a picture.
It was a rare pre-Spring day today, making us remember what is in store when winter retreats for another year.

We did some errands downtown and I hung and folded laundry, scrubbed out the bathroom and shower room, and got everything sorted for tomorrow. Jason took Sebastian to see the Jackson Pollack exhibit at the Aichi Arts Center. Jason was impressed but Sebastian was more interested in the Pokemon Center next door. Of course. He is eight, after all.

Okay, I think it is time to snuggle with Colette who looks very snug on her sheepskin. I will have to figure out how to wean her from that so her little brother can sleep on it soon. She will be getting her very own futon in the coming months which is good since her long limbs don't leave much room for my bulging belly.

Good night, again.

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