Friday, January 27

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I've had a cold.
And I came up with the brilliant idea of waking up before 5 to write and study instead of staying up late.
Not in that order.

To make up for my lapse, I offer these blurred pictures of my growing belly. This little guy sits super high, making it impossible to eat things like curry or onions. I don't have many cravings other than a winter-related one for incessant cups of hot tea. Non-caffienated for the most part.
where did they go?
I have an idea about his name but it isn't 100 percent confirmed yet. The middle name will be Japanese and has a bit of Colette's name plus the season in which he is going to be born. The first name is popular in Europe (#1 in Switzerland). In katakana translates as a girl's name but is also a character in an anime that seems very popular here which sports one of my best friend's names in the title. If you are a nerd like me, I expect you to figure the name out and post it in the comments.
i need to clean the kids' mirror.  or better yet, make them clean it.

And whatever you do, do not tell me that I look huge. I am really not that big. For an American. It isn't fair to compare me to my Japanese counterparts who usually don't show until 9 months. Though I have seen some waddling mamas around here so I am not that uncommon.

Hope you are all well and warm. Take care.


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of anime, nor am I a nerd, but my guess would be baby Luca. Tell the boys "Nana needs some of their art work so the kitchen magnets can do their job"

Suzy said...

I guess Luca too... it's a lovely name. And for a middle name... something with Ko and Haru?

And you look very compact! It sounds like Japanese doctors are quite critical of mothers-to-be. Here I didn't get weighed at all during my pregnancies.

Tiffany said...

@Anon: You are a good guesser. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a bundle of recent drawings and homework, complete with red pen mark corrections.

@Suzy: You too are a good guesser. To give you a better hint about the middle name (which you are so close to solving), Colette's middle name is Aki.
And thanks for the compact comment! My doctor isn't so harsh but other women tend to break out with the twins comment whenever I tell them my due date. Japanese women are only supposed to gain like 10 kilo for the entire pregnancy. I personally cannot manage that.