Saturday, January 7



It is winter. All day long at work, or later grocery shopping, all I heard people talking about was how incredibly cold it was. We shouldn't be surprised, as it is January. Yet the two extreme seasons do have a knack of sneaking up on you. The mild beginnings make you drop your guard. You begin to look forward to the coming chill or heat, wondering why you complained so much about it last year. Then you remember, just as a strong gust of frozen air tries to knock you off your bike. This is what winter is.

Yet, I haven't complained so much about it this year. Not yet at least. You see, we have an apartment that is essentially snug and warm in the winter. If you know anything about Japanese apartments (or if you visit my old haunts for a reference), you know that typically it is colder inside that out in the winter. But not in this apartment. This most likely explains why I avoid ever leaving my house and moan fiercely if I have to go buy rice or go all the way to work. I am perfectly content to stay indoors, sipping on some rooibos tea with my feet secure in their leg warmer-slippers.

And staying indoors is good for our artistic pursuits as well. Sebastian and Nico have been churning out some amazing drawings lately featuring Nico the Superhero among a collection of Mario Brothers and pals. Jason's been back to work on his figures and I have had the sewing machine plugged all week. I will try and capture some of our creative output on film tomorrow. But for now, I think I will have another cup of tea.

I hope you are warm and well wherever you may be. Take care.

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