Friday, February 3

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snow day nagoya
snow day nagoya
Snow days and icy streets here in Nagoya. The country has been hit by the worst cold snap in a decade and it isn't pretty. We are fine here in central Japan but up north people are really suffering. Avalanches, houses collapsing, the elderly trapped inside because their doors are frozen shut. Very grim. And on top of it there is a flu epidemic sweeping the nation with over 1.5 million people falling victim to the virus in the past two weeks. No wonder the news is happy to report the anticipated cherry blossom blooming schedule. Spring is looking rather sweet right now.

snow day nagoya
(Small red bean bread made to look like oni (demons))

We celebrated the turning of the seasons today with a little in-house demon confrontation. Sebastian was reading a Setsubun picture book to his brother and sister when all of a sudden the lights went out. And then there was a low growling coming from the kitchen... Luckily mama had a bowl of beans nearby. Out with the demons, in with good fortune! 鬼は外,福は内!

This video gives you a better glimpse of one of my favorite holidays*

Setsubun at Yoshida Shrine 吉田の節分祭 from Michael McAteer on Vimeo.

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