Monday, February 6



I took the boys out yesterday morning without their sister or father. Since I work on Saturdays and they go to school during the week, Sundays are our only day together. So most Sundays I make the attempt to have a little date with my guys. And since I like to draw and they like to draw, I always fill my bag with the most important art supplies (though they just like to draw with pencils right now). All of the kids have stacks of their own drawing pads and most mornings when they wake earlier than breakfast, I will walk into their room to see them busy on their newest works. Sebastian has gotten more detailed lately, and has started to really look at his subject. Yesterday he drew lots of pigeons (we were at a park) and expressed his frustration/amazement with how his drawings had to keep changing to keep up with their movement. I also taught him how to blend colors with pastels and charcoal and showed him the difference between the hard and soft pastels. Nico, as you can see, is still going through his face period, which is terrific since his faces are so intricate and interesting.

All in all, it was a very good date, even there was still a lot of snow on the ground.


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