Thursday, March 15

Earthquake Report

ume with fly that looks like bee

Just to assure those worried about us, we were not in the area where the earthquakes hit last night. The first one was up near Hokkaido and the second one (and its series of aftershocks) was in Chiba, near Tokyo. The second one is probably of more consequence than the first as it was new and in a place that has been anticipating a major earthquake. I am sure the people in that region are justly concerned about the nature of the earthquake. Since I am an armchair seismologist, I will report anything of importance to you as it develops. The local news was less concerned about it than the international news seemed to be, making it seem more sensational than it was in reality. So far no damage has been reported and the most that has come from it has been to shaken people's nerves.
Thanks for your concern.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was because the tsunami/earthquake/worst nuclear disaster anniversary was big headlines. Stay safe,