Saturday, March 3

Hina Matsuri


Today is Hina Matsuri, Doll Festival. We forgot to pull out our hina for the day but we did manage to procure some hina matsuri treats. Anything pink, green, and white is linked to this day but certain things like sakura mochi (a bean filled rice cake wrapped with a salty cherry tree leaf) are a must. Colorful dango mochi, like you see the little hina up there noshing on, was another must for our crew.

It was also my first day of maternity leave. And such a day to start off a year of not working. Gorgeous Spring day. After the five (!) loads of laundry were hung to dry in the warm breeze, we headed off to the park for the first time in a long time. We needed to soak up the sun today because the forecast has us under rain clouds for the next five days. Of course in March, this rain has the special purpose of helping the cherry blossoms bloom. And this year when the sakura are in bloom, then I know it won't be long until Mr. Luca comes a knockin'.

where's nico?

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