Thursday, March 29

Mr. Luca and Mr. Nico/ルカくんとニコライくん


Since the arrival of Spring, we are rarely indoors enough to drop in here. Yet I know that when a pregnant lady nears the finish line, people get more curious about how the race is going. To reassure you, I just thought I would pop in here to say: all is well. After all, look at that face. How could we not be well with such a plump little one on the way? He is already measuring about 7.5 pounds. And I still have a few weeks to tilt the scales a little more.

Just from the cheeks and lips alone you can tell that little Luca is one of my kids.

And his massive forehead makes me think that he'll favor Nico, which is appropriate since Nico was the one who made me think I was pregnant in the first place. I was probably only one or two weeks along when Nico started a strange habit of sneaking into my bed in the morning and placing his hands on my belly. I'd ask him what he was doing and he would say he was feeling the baby. This habit carried on for so long that I decided to take a home test, you know, just to check. Imagine my surprise... Instances like that really make you wonder how much control you have over your destiny and how much better children understand the workings of the universe than adults.

One thing I do know is that I am happy that soon these brothers will unite. Nico has been waiting for Luca for a long time (and has now adopted the borderline annoying habit of continuously asking when Luca will arrive...). And looking at my big guy Nico makes me extremely patient in these final weeks because I know it will be just a matter of seconds before Luca is not only in my arms but running around with the rest of the gang.

march 27: meijo koen: nagoya

It really does go too fast, doesn't it?


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Has he turned yet?