Sunday, April 22

I am no prophet.

hanami 2012: meijo nagoya castle

The 21st came and went and yet Luca did not deem it worthy of his birthday. He has five days left, according to the doctor. For our convenience, today or tomorrow would be swell as Jason is off. Of course, babies are all sorts of adjectives but rarely labeled with 'convenient'. The doctor didn't have much to tell me yesterday that I couldn't figure out. He's still active, he's in position, and all the other physical signs of approaching labor are rather faint.
I will tell you something that I know from experience and research: all those tell-tell signs don't manifest typically in advance with a mother who has had previous births. With Nico and Colette, everything happened in one package deal within hours of the next step. And as I remember with Colette's birth, when there is no medical interference-including stripping the membranes- when the baby comes when he/she is meant to come, then labor is much, much easier. All the natural elements are activated to help the baby on his/her journey. Her birth was so gentle that I refuse to use the term labor 'pains' anymore. As much as I want Luca to get a move on, I also know that it is best we give him the time to get to that perfected point when he will press the exit button and set the process in motion.
Nobody has ever been pregnant forever. Soon, very soon, you will see baby pictures here instead of flowers from my archives. We are on the path to his birthday, just walking slowly enough to smell the roses on the way.

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