Tuesday, April 24

In this picture....

a rare moment of peace

They aren't fighting. The room is clean and so are they. Vegetables were eaten with gusto. They are having fun together and sharing the crayons and coloring books. Sharing.

Moments like last night, those are the moments that balance out all the moments of disorder and chaos. The ray of sunshine through the clouds.
I know that sounds a bit dismal but those readers of you who are parents of small children right now will understand. Caught in the daily grind of child-rearing makes you lose sight of what is actually happening. Rare moments of calmness, of happy laughter, that is what brings us back to the truth of our role. That we get the privilege of helping them along their own paths. That all the sacrifices, all the sleeplessness and grey hairs, they are pennies in exchange for what we get.

Everyday that grows closer to Luca's birth and my hospital stay, I have valued the opportunity to serve my kids more than usual. Since I never know what the next hour will bring, I endeavor to do as much as I can for them before I am in the hospital for five days. When I was working, those tasks tended to feel like an added burden. Now that I must take a break from them, I find that I am already missing these chances to honor my children through my actions and deeds.

And, just for the record:

hanami 2012: meijo nagoya castle

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rebeccaeee said...

I think children have a way of banding together when they sense change in the air. It's a happy side effect of facing the impossible. YOU know you won't be there for them while Luca comes and on some level, they know it too. Nice to think they'll be there for each other instead. The hardest thing about my 2nd child
s birth was knowing I was completely inaccessible for my firstborn. I suppose that is what dads and grandmas are for but still......humbling to realize we can;t actually do it all.