Saturday, April 7

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

april 6 2012: nico returns to kindergarten

I am sure you would be happy to visit here and not read my gushing sentiments about it being April. But I honestly can't help it. April is really a fantastic month and I am proud of my little Luca for choosing such a month to be born in. It shows good taste. June (Sebastian) and November (Nico + Colette) are also top-notch months but April definitely rivals them. Sure, it isn't warm yet and the winds here in Nagoya threaten to blow us and the cherry blossoms away but it is still spectacular.

And I say this not only in awe of nature, but because of a more selfish element. April means that the two oldest kids return to school and Jason returns to a regular teaching schedule. And even though this means that Luca's birthday will be more inconvenient for our busy schedule, it is a relief to have a few days before the baby comes in which I can think and enjoy relative peace and quiet. Colette is a busy two-year old but like Nico, she is rather self-sufficient. She doesn't eat much so lunch time can be a simple affair. And when it is time for me to sit down to the sewing machine, she is content to sit near-by with her clay or kitchen set and just occasionally climb into my lap to help.

I am working steadily but slowly on my inventory for the Etsy shop. One of the things that will be different about this version of the shop is that it will include other things beyond children's garments. These things will be kid-related (toys and accessories) or useful for moms or non-moms (accessories). One of the things I have made that has been stewing in my head for a while is this hydrangea mobile. In this picture you can see the prototype which will hang over Luca's area. I have always had a little soft spot for mobiles and the idea for this one came long before the idea of Luca. It still isn't exactly right but it is getting close to what I envisioned. And for Luca, I think he will enjoy it even if it isn't the perfect version.

ajisai mobile

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Anonymous said...

love the top picture-what a cutie! what part of jax are you living in now? we lived there from 1988-90.

btw-i recently found your blog while looking for blogs written by expats in nagoya. my husband and i have been here for 3 years now and absolutely love it.

wishing you the best in your job search.

God bless,