Sunday, April 22

One Last Thing


At this point, with this extension granted to my pregnancy, I have completed most things on the "Getting Ready for Luca" list. Blankets made, bills paid, closets cleaned, those sorts of things. Now we get to do the supplementary things like making a giant welcome sign to greet the newest family member.  Or stocking up on snacks and comic books for the kids.
You know, the fun stuff.


And, just so you don't lose your faith in me, I have started to have random but solid contractions, which I totally savor.  I have had enough to seek out a watch. So that is a positive sign that something is going to happen. Sometime.



Suzy said...

My contractions at the start of my daughter's birth began hours after I finished hand-stitching the binding on her (long delayed) quilt. I think she was waiting for it to be finished. Maybe Luca is waiting for his welcome sign?

Wishing you all the best for a swift and safe delivery.

kayla said...

best of luck, tiffany. i hope you have a great delivery. can't wait to see photos of little luca!