Tuesday, April 17

Out of Doors


On the way to the post office this morning, we stopped by a small park to let Colette get some of the genkiness out of her limbs. There a lovely cherry tree was shedding its blossoms, creating a satin pink carpet underneath the long black limbs. It was such a scene that proved irresistible for immersing in and I laid flat under the tree and allowed the petals to float down upon me. At that moment, I wished that we weren't so primitive as to need to be indoors for the birth of a child. What better place to come into this world than under a shower of cherry blossoms, with a warm breeze as an embrace, welcoming the new life with glorious Spring sunshine rather than sterile fluorescent lights.

Of course, I will submit to the rules of propriety and Luca will have the regular, unromantic entrance into this world. I will keep this morning's scene as a visualization tool, reminding myself of the beautiful transitory nature of life. During the intensity of childbirth, when contractions feel never-ending, it will be good to be reminded of this.

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