Monday, April 23

Rainy Days and Mondays....

rainy days and mondays...
rainy days and mondays...

Today is a day designed for hot tea and extended pajama wear. April showers and all that jazz.

Jason is napping as I type this. His intention was to influence Colette to follow suit, but she outsmarted him.

I have been writing a lot about naps lately, I realize. The American in me wants to apologize for being so nap-centric. The me in me defends myself with the fact that naps are recognized as a crucial part of daily life in most civilized cultures and have been proven by Scientists (notice the capital S) to benefit mental functioning. So there. I refuse to be ashamed of my love for napping.

I really am running out of things to chat about here. From now on I will simply post a picture of a flower and that will be code for 'No Baby Yet'. Deal?

And thanks for the supportive comments and emails. They really do cheer me on.
Take care.


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Anonymous said...

Ah, a Karen Carpenter reference...Don't want to see a picture of a flower! Let's get going here! It's baby time!!! Of course I hate being rushed myself which is why my bday is in May instead of April...Auntie Liz