Thursday, May 17


3 weeks old
Three weeks? My hypothesis has transformed into a theory: time accelerates with each child. The first child multiplies the speed of time by about a hundred. So now regular time has increased in speed by 400 percent. Is it today or next week? Am I waking up or going to sleep?
I feel a little dizzy.
In ballet we learned to focus on one spot so not to lose our balance. I'm keeping my eye on this guy.
3 weeks old
It's been three weeks since this mademoiselle became a big sister.
3 weeks old
Though a bit of a blur, life with four kids has been a fun (though tiring) ride so far. Here's to all the weeks ahead of us, all the yesterdays just waiting to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Love LOVE!!!!! the cape and goggles!!!!!!!!! Adorable! Auntie Liz