Tuesday, May 1

Home again, home again...

mr. luca

This is Luca Haru.

He was born on Thursday morning at 5:20 am. The labor went quickly and within five hours he was here. It was an intense labor since he weighed 4300 grams at birth, and was 54 cm long (not to mention the 40 cm round head...).  The labor was all natural with no interventions and no tearing (for those of you don't know what that means, let's leave it like that).
Like some post-term babies, he was born covered in meconium so he spent the first day of his life in an incubator. All was well but he wasn't drinking his bottles (formula, they didn't ask me for any expressed milk) so he was losing weight. Out of the incubator but still not into my arms. Very frustrating for a mother who wants to hold her newborn.
sleepy 3
Eventually he was released to my care but with instructions on how to give him formula and breastfeed him. They had little faith in my 9 years of experience breastfeeding but I just nodded then switched completely to breast milk. And I was right. He absolutely started thriving again and not only regained his birthweight but surpassed it by a pound. The nurses were in awe.
exit feast: before: this is all just for two people
So it was not as relaxing as I remember it being with Colette. The food was good and it was nice to have visitors but the best part of the whole deal is that we are now home. And on May Day at that.
Jason is off for Golden Week which is good because that big baby caused me to suffer from something known as Pelvic Girdle Pain. It is seriously a pain in the ass. The worst thing is that it limits my mobility and the best way for it to heal is by resting, something I don't like to do. So I'll be hanging around the house a lot for a week or two.  But I suppose it is okay since I will be in such sweet company.
luca face


Alice said...

OH my Gosh!!!!!! He is just beautiful! Congratulations you guys!

Suzy said...

Congratulations! He is so beautiful. Very glad to hear you are all home together now, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Docu-Minutes said...

Congratulations! The kids look so happy together with their new baby brother.

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is home safe and sound...What a beautiful baby! And all that hair!!!! Let us know if you need anything, Liz

MyCab said...

Congratulations! The baby looks very healthy.

George said...

what a beautiful boy! Congratulations to the whole family, and hoping you have a peaceful time in the coming weeks.

- george (in the Netherlands)

kayla said...

congratulations tiffany! you're an awesome mama to trust your instincts and nurse him. it's crazy to me that doctors are surprised when we do what our bodies are meant to, and it works! hope your healing goes fast!