Friday, May 18

Our Little Giant

Though 95% of the time, Luca is busy doing this...
lil' giant luca
there are moments when he decides to see what is going on outside of dreamland.
I suspect that he thinks we are a dream and the life he lives as he slumbers is his true life. He laughs a lot in his sleep.
lil' giant luca
He is starting to connect with us more. Looking at us (or more like in our general direction) and, though I can never grab the camera quick enough yet, smiling. These moments are brief but fascinating to witness as they offer a glimpse of what we have to look forward to as Luca completes the metamorphosis from newborn to infant. Such a quick second in the entirety of his life but for us right now it is like watching a lily unfold, slowly, petal by petal.
lil' giant luca
And what a big blossom our little giant will be. He weighed in at 12 pounds this week. Our little sumo wrestler.

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