Thursday, May 3

Small Victories

me and luca

Today's accomplishments:

I made breakfast, washed and hung laundry, made banana tofu pudding and some gluten-free sesame crackers to go with it. Will now make some norimaki rolls: avocado, tofu and umeboshi, and omelette for picky eater Nico.

I also ordered a sling from Amazon that will arrive tomorrow. I hope Luca will be happy in it as I am not sure how much longer I can sit still.

And there is a giant pile of laundry in the bedroom from where we decided to make the switch from cold weather clothes to warm weather clothes. Completing that task has moved into the fantasy realm. I am just pleased if we can get through the day well-fed and hydrated without too much bickering.  You know, the small victories.

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