Wednesday, June 6

ducking in here to say...


hello from chicken pox central.  kids number 1 and 3 have become rather spotty.

today's list of things to do, made at 8 o'clock this morning:

-finish skirts
-make cookies
-fold laundry

12 hours later:

-side seams of skirts finished, hem and waist pressed and pinned
-1/2 of laundry folded then more clean clothes were dumped on the floor so i could hang two more loads of laundry
-kids fed, medicine administered
-collected kid number 2 from kindergarten
-took a few blurry pictures of hydrangeas
-didn't go bananas
-successfully ignored dirty dishes

new list:

-get kids to bed
-put luca in sling
-make cookies
-watch 180 south again

okay, all four kids are sleeping now so i must get some cookies made.
see you on the other side.


Suzy said...

I think my list would only have "don't go bananas" on it. You are amazing for doing cookies and sewing as well. Hope the spots disappear soon.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the cookies? Liz