Wednesday, June 20

I Can Hardly Wait

And he's nine. Just like that.
Nine years ago Sebastian was welcomed into the world with his grandparents and our friends (his godparents) waiting outside the door. His was by far my longest labor and everyone had been waiting since the morning of the 19th for Sebastian to make his appearance. He wasn't too concerned with time (a trait he still possesses) and waited until 1:15 am on the 20th to slide into this world. He has transformed from that pale dark-eyed baby to my energetic and dramatic boy, the oldest of four kids.
I am fiercely proud of Sebastian. It isn't easy being our son and being the first child. It isn't easy to be thrown into school where everyone shares the same home language and culture that is rather different from his own. And despite his occasional grumblings, he steps up to the plate everyday.
Happy 9 years together, my beautiful boy.

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