Tuesday, November 20

Disappearing Act

meijo koen

I find I have neglected this corner for too long. Sorry about that. Right now life offline is just so incredibly full and demanding that it is hard to find pockets of time that allow for the reflections that I share here. I thought that maternity leave would be full of such pockets but I was mistaken. Maternity leave is full of lots of things but time is not one of them. So I have to make the most of my minutes and this blog has taken a hit as a result. This week we have a school art festival, a school bazaar, two birthdays, Thanksgiving, and some Christmas tree decorating. Plus I have a giant six month old who is, no joke, trying to figure out how to walk. He keeps us on our toes.

luca haru

Hope you are enjoying your autumn or spring online and off. Take care.

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