Tuesday, December 11

Making a wish

sakura tenjin jinga
Yesterday we went to Sakura Tenjin Jinga, a little shrine in central Nagoya that has a very special feature. Wedged between high rises, this tiny jinga houses not only kamisama but a wishing cow.

Most jingas have some specific purpose like wishing for romance or academic success. This one lets you choose anything you want but you have to pour water over the cow as many times as your age.

We have something to wish for right now so we headed there yesterday in the wet snow. There was something really beautiful about pouring a ladle of water for each of my years. I hope it did the trick.

It was super cold so afterward we headed to a sweet little soba restaurant to warm up.
soba w/ dad

And some of us slept through the entire journey.
snug as a bug in an ergo

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