Saturday, July 13

ただいま (We're back)

A little language lesson here: In Japan, when returning to a space/place that you are a part of, you announce your return with tadaima, which essentially means "I'm back". The response is okaeri nasai, which translates as 'welcome home/back'. Whereas our 'welcome home' is exclusive to our actual home, these phrases are more fluid, allowing home and belonging to include to wherever you are now. In fact, tadaima really just means 'now'.

I also considered starting this first post back with a Pink Floyd reference. (Hello? Is there anybody in here?) Instead you got semantics. 

So, now.

first florida days

first florida days

Now we are here. I feel somewhat adrift. We have no true anchors yet, just hopes. I am working on the back of those hopes though. The studio here is coming along. On one wall I have my jewelry work then I swivel around in my borrowed chair and I have my typewriter placed strategically in front of two windows that look out onto the front yard. The sight out there is distracting as my parents are fond of birds so several birdfeeders hang from the branches of a full-figured dogwood tree, attracting cardinal couples, mourning doves, painted buntings, and ruby red throated hummingbirds. Beneath these winged beauties gallop the eager grey squirrels, an animal that still grabs the kids' attention when spotted, though Colette insists they are rats (which always gets my attention since I once lived in a place where rats did rule the treetops). 

All in all, now is going fine and for that, I am grateful. 

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