Wednesday, August 21

The First Day of (Home) School

The other day, when we were picking up fourteen boxes from the post office, the post master asked Sebastian, who was assisting us, if he was playing hooky or if he was home schooled. When we confirmed the latter, the post master said, oh, well home schooling is the best kind of schooling.
While we may not be permanent home schoolers, I must say there are some definite perks.
Like having a movable classroom. 

We are using their Japanese schoolbooks primarily right now but have signed up for the Florida Virtual School as well. Florida requires that homeschoolers both present a portfolio of their work and take a standardized exam once during the year. We require that they keep up with their kanji and will hopefully start meeting with a tutor once a week starting in September. Bilingual homeschooling. The adventures never cease.