Friday, December 1

Hi from Hiroshima

So, my dear neglected readers, we moved to Hiroshima. I know we said we were not going to do it and then things changed and we did. It is strange still, two months after the move, to be not on the island. And yet we are getting used to it, slowly.
Every city has its adjective: Nagoya's was convenient, Nara's was charming, and Hiroshima's is pleasant. Or at least the area that we live in. It is not at the center of the city but a bit west, closer to the famous Miyajima. 

I have struggled over so much in how I wish to document my life, to communicate my days, and after much fretting and delays, I find that this is still the best place for my regular writing.

I was looking out at the Seto Sea during a lesson today, thinking about how I really have not felt that what I am doing is worthy of recording. That is essentially why I stopped writing, because life felt too mundane to report on. And yet what is mundane for me might be of interest to other, even my children when they get to the point where they want to rake over these old chronicles.

I make no promises about punctuality or predictability; I know myself well enough to know that I work better without such constraints. Rather I will be here when I can and I will write what I will.

For now I must return to work.

Take care. xo

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