Tuesday, January 12


without getting too sentimental, i am going to dedicate the next few posts to reflecting on our time living on the island. the words will be brief, the images will speak for themselves.

winter vacation is over and we are on the homestretch for the big move. moving to nagoya is somehow more scary/thrilling than moving around the world. living in a city, a big city, is going to be so overwhelming for a long time. we have had our complaints about our present situation but on the whole, our life here has been a sweet transitional stage. our children have grown here, our daughter breathed her first breath here. for the next few months, we are going to be over our heads busy with preparations to move, for sebastian to start elementary school, for jason and i to start our new teaching jobs, for me to successfully complete another semester in the matesol program. full is an understatement.

i like to visit here and share with you so i won't disappear completely. instead i will share images from our time on fukue. i hope you enjoy.

first day of preschool

just arrived on the island, playing at the first park we could find::nico was still a baby *gasp*

the beginning of insect love/obsession

playing with school friends

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