Sunday, January 2

I like making postcards. I like getting postcards.

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Here is how it will work:

After the 2/28 sign-up deadline, I will send everyone a sheet of all of the addresses of the participants. If 20 people sign up, then there will be 19 postcards to make and send for 12 months. (So far there are four people besides for myself participating. I hope this doesn't seem overwhelming.) It's sometimes easier to make more postcards than less. The postcards should feature original artwork which can be made in any medium or format you like. I will probably be using block prints since I want to develop my carving skills. You could use anything like stickers, Photoshop, potato stamps, watercolors, masking tape, pencils, magazine clippings. As for the message, you don't have to worry about writing some witty message for 19 different people, unless you want to. It is sufficient just to write the addresses. Since some of the participants will be in different countries, there is the cost of postage to consider. It is nominal, I think, roughly around ten USD a month. Postcards should be sent by the 20th of the month before the featured month. For example, April's postcard (the first one) should be mailed by March 20th.

I think that this will be a good exercise in prolonged creativity as well as a means of connecting to people around the world for a year in a way that predates Facebook and Twitter. In the end you will have a collection of original artwork that will hopefully inspire you to continue your own creative endeavors.

I am really looking forward to getting started with this. For me, it is a commitment that I predict will be sometimes a struggle to meet but I also know that a little stress on my creative muscles will make me stronger. Doing such a project with others generates a form of energy and collaboration that will make the 12 months more dynamic and, of course, more interesting.

And I do love getting mail.
If you do too and would like to participate, sign up here.


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Yes, paper, rock, scissors, lizards, spok!

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