Thursday, November 19

Aki-chan 明紀ちゃん

So my darling little girl has not made her appearance yet. I am okay with it as I know that she is on her way. Labors that start naturally are better for both the baby and the mama. That being said, the cut-off day is the 30th so let's hope she decides it is her birthday before then.

I am just returning from the doctor but I don't have a belly shot today as the sun is shy these days. I do have a picture of kaki drying, an image that is now imprinted in my mind in association with fall. I do love autumn, a season that I rarely met before moving to Japan. Of course, we don't have the grand maples on Gotou that we loved so much in Nara and Kyoto but the mountains are beginning to blush all around us.

I am a child of autumn (albeit early autumn) and now will have two children embedded in the season. And, if she is not careful, they might possibly have the same birthday as Nico's is creeping up on us. Three years old this Sunday and he is already really good at acting his age.
The nice thing about having multiple children is that you are more seasoned as a parent. You know what to expect and are more accepting of the various stages children progress through. I feel sorry for Sebastian, the pioneer of our children, having to fight through his parents' constant confusion about his acts and intentions. We are definitely more understanding with Nico due to Sebastian's trailblazing ways. Though he does stump us (including Sebastian) more often than we expect.

But back to Colette, or Aki-chan. We haven't decided if we are going to let the locals know that her middle name is Japanese because they would probably just call her that. We'll wait and see who she is before we decide. In katakana (the script used for foreign words and names- along with an assortment of other purposes) her name will be コレット (スダックデェル コレット 明紀 is her full name in Japanese)which phonetically sounds like Koretto. So in Japanese, we actually think Aki is much prettier. Perhaps that is because we know a レット, who happens to be very much a man. Also, the ending of a name in "o" is more commonly with masculine names compared to the "a" that is used in Romance languages to distinguish it feminine. Jason was thinking maybe we could change the katakana 'spelling' to コレッタ which would be Korreta but I think it sounds too much like Carlotta, and would be confusing later.
If you noticed, we changed the first part of the kanji with Aki. Now the 'A' part means bright or clear so the named combined means a bright era. I liked the other one with the meaning of a peaceful era but I didn't like that the other meaning was cheap. Jason suggested amending it to this. I like it and have practiced writing it over and over like a woman in love does with her intended's name.

Anyway, so when I was hooked up the heartrate monitor, I was having regular moderate contractions so hopefully they'll pick up and we can meet the girl who has had so much attention to her name. Colette Aki, all is ready. We just need you.

I will continue to post regularly until the time comes as I know it is hard for those of you anticipating the arrival. And because I hope that when certain friends of mine whom are expecting on the other side of the world are at this stage, they will keep me updated. (You know who you are!)

Hope you are all well. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Friday is the day. I just know it...I'm thinking of you.
Love ya,

rebeccaeee said...

Came over here from let you know that my Phoebe came last Saturday (the day I was to be induced) all on her own. 6 hours of labor and ta-da! An almost 8 pounder with strawberry blonde hair to match her redheaded brother. We are all well and thinking of you, hoping Colette comes soon!

amie said...

i'm hoping this 4 day, no blogging interval means something great...