Thursday, March 8

This Hausfrau Life

I thought I would have more time to visit this space with my days being my own. Of course, that is where the first mistake was made: my days are not my own. Jason and I have spent the week adjusting to each other and cleaning the apartment. We moved furniture and cleaned windows and did all sorts of things that make us feel more prepared for what is ahead of us. Besides for the big B word coming into our lives, we are also working on our own projects that will hopefully become more fruitful as the year moves along.

There is also the fact (yes, a verifiable fact) that I am simply a better housewife than my other half. I like to cook meals that both please the shorties around here AND contain exotic things like vegetables. I have certain standards of cleanliness that I work hard to meet everyday, trying to get all the major chores done before 9:30 (or 10:00 at the latest). I am also the stricter parent, much to the surprise of the kids. I enforce curfews and homework/study time. I demand that they keep their space tidy and their school things ready. And frankly, all of that stuff means I hardly ever go near the computer. This is different from Jason's housewifeness in the consistency of my methods. Overall, it should be noted, Jason is the tidier half and is much better in terms of the quality of his work. I aim for quantity instead.

Luckily, I do get a chance to be near my sewing machine and that luckily is both for my own creative sanity and for Luca's tiny body. Yesterday I finished a baby quilt using natural linen and brushed cotton from the Autumn Nani Iro collection. Today I am working on some kimono tops using double gauze and mittens using knits, all fabrics Nani Iro. I have a whole giant box full of small samples from the shop and now I have a person small enough to fit into the little wears I make.

Of course, that is not stopping me from a trip to the fabric store tomorrow to stock up on enough fabric to get this baby clothed and covered for the first few months. On my list for things to make before April:

-scratch mittens x 2 pairs
-slippers x 2 pairs
-kimono tops x 8
-pants x 3
-footed pants x 2
-knit caps x3
-burp cloths x 10
-baby towels x 3 (the hospital requires them)
-simple blankets x 4
-simple cloth bags for sorting baby stuff
-maternity/diaper bag
-cover for the medical book I have to carry with me everywhere
-gobbi mobile

I am taking on this challenge for two reasons: I like to make baby things and it is far more economical this way.
I am glad to have both the time and resources to make so much for this final baby, more than I ever managed for the first three. It also makes me feel connected to generations of women who did not have an Aeon mall to get their baby goods from.

Okay, with all this talk about being pressed for time, I find I have been here too long. It is time to go make dinner. Tonight, onigiri, pumpkin, potato salad, and miso soup. And chocolate tofu pudding for dessert.

Hope you are all well, wherever you may be. Take care.

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